Unique Ideas for a Coffee-Themed Gift Basket

As the mom of a toddler who is often fueled by coffee, I love the idea of creating a coffee themed gift basket for my fellow coffee lovers!

If you’re looking for ideas for a coffee themed gift basket, I’ve put together some fun ideas that any coffee fan would be stoked to receive!

Unique Ideas for a Coffee Themed Gift Basket

1. Silicone Cup Lids

A lot of coffee lovers enjoy sipping on hot coffee outdoors. The problem is, there are often gnats, flies, etc., flying around – I can’t count the amount of times I’ve gone to take a sip of my drink and found a tiny gnat floating in the cup.

These silicone cup lids are the perfect solution. You simply pop one on top of your coffee mug and it keeps the bugs at bay. Additionally, the silicone helps to trap the heat inside your mug, keeping your coffee warm – win-win! (And if you don’t like the butterflies, they’re removable.)

Silicone cup lids also a great idea for anyone who suffers from shaky hands and has trouble carrying their coffee without spilling it. They’re made of BPA-free food grade silicone, non-toxic and 100% leak proof.

2. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

A lukewarm or cold cup of coffee isn’t exactly appetizing, but often there just isn’t enough time to sit down and take the time to drink your cup while it’s still hot.

This Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer is a great way to keep your coffee warm at all times. You simply plug it into a power outlet and place your mug on the warmer.

If you want your coffee piping hot, it can be used in conjunction with the silicone mug cover, otherwise this mug warmer does a good job of keeping your coffee nice and warm.

3. K-Cup Carousel

If you’re coffee lover friend uses a Keurig, then they’ll love this K-Cup Carousel to help keep their K-Cups organized.

The K-Cup Carousel holds 35 singe-serve coffee pods and it works the same as a lazy susan – just spin it around to find your flavor of choice.

It’s also not too big and bulky, which means it fits nicely onto most kitchen countertops, right next to the Keurig.

4. K-Cups Variety Pack

Speaking of Keurigs, another great idea for a coffee themed gift basket is a variety pack of K-Cups!

A sample pack of K-Cups is a great way for a coffee lover to taste a variety of different flavors before they commit to buying a whole box of one flavor (which they might not end up liking.)

If you’re making multiple coffee themed gift baskets, then you could even split up the K-Cups between each basket.

5. Insulated Tumbler

For anyone who likes to take their coffee on the go, then a stainless steel insulated tumbler is a must-have.

This Atlin Stainless Steel Tumbler is one of the most durable insulated tumblers you can buy because it was build for outdoor fitness pros.

It keeps drinks hot for up to six hours and holds 30oz of liquid. Most importantly, it fits in a standard sized cup holder! I bought a different brand once and I was irritated when I realized that it wouldn’t fit in the cup holder in my car – kind of defeated the purpose of an on-the-go tumbler…

6. Mini Creamer Pods

Everything is cuter when it’s mini-sized, including these mini coffee-mate creamer pods, which would be the perfect addition to any coffee themed gift basket.

Most people enjoy adding creamer to their coffee and these coffee creamer pods come in a variety of popular flavors, such as vanilla caramel (my personal favorite!)

Just like the k-cups, these could be divided between multiple coffee themed gift baskets and the good thing about these creamer pods is that the recipient doesn’t have to own a keurig to use them.

7. But First, Coffee T-Shirt

As most coffee lovers would be familiar with, the day doesn’t really start until you’ve had your morning cup of joe!

Graphic tee’s are super popular right now, so this “But First, Coffee” t-shirt would be a welcome addition to a coffee-themed gift basket.

The t-shirt comes in a variety of different colors and there are men’s and women’s versions.

How To Present Your Gift Basket

There are tons of different baskets that you can choose from to present your coffee themed gift basket, but another great, unique idea would be to place everything inside a large canister like this one, that way it can be reused.

Otherwise, simply choose your favorite basket and place everything inside with some cellophane.

unique ideas for a coffee themed gift basket

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