Cheap & Easy DIY Christmas Countdown Calendar

Cheap and easy DIY Christmas countdown calendar - the perfect DIY advent calendar to make this Christmas!

I remember when I was a child, every year my Mum would buy me and my sisters an advent calendar. It was made of cardboard, and behind each little square was Christmas themed chocolate. Every time I got a Santa chocolate, I would feel so bad about biting Santa’s face, and secretly pray that he wouldn’t get mad and decide not to bring me presents that year. 🙂 The Christmas countdown calendar was one of my favorite memories of the lead-up to Christmas, so naturally, I want to create something similar for my son. This year, he’s too young to really understand what’s going on, but next year I think he’ll have a better idea. My sister also has a little boy (just a month older than mine) and she created this easy, DIY Christmas countdown calendar for him that I wanted to share. I love it because it’s cheap, easy to make, and gives kids a visual reminder of how many days are left until Christmas. (And if you wanted to, you could also provide a little chocolate for each day 🙂 These Christmas chocolate molds would be perfect! )

What You’ll Need

(note – you might have a lot of things you need at home already. You can use any colored ribbon, cardstock, glitter, etc. that you like!)

25 wooden clothespins

1 piece of ribbon

1 medium-sized red foam circle (you can also buy foam sheets and cut into a circle – this would probably be cheaper)

Red glitter

Mod Podge

1 sheet of red cardstock

1 sheet of dark green cardstock

1 sheet of light green cardstock

White sharpie

Christmas themed foam sticker for center decoration

How To Make It

This is my favorite thing about this DIY Christmas countdown calendar – it’s so easy to make!

  1. Cut your red foam into a circle (large enough to fit all 25 clothes pins)
  2. Cover it with Mod Podge and red glitter
  3. Cut 25 triangles out of your colored cardstock
  4. Using the white sharpie, decorate them and number them from 1 to 25
  5. Once your foam circle is dry, pierce a small hole in the top
  6. Thread your ribbon through the hole
  7. Place the clothespins around the circle
  8. Place the Christmas sticker in the middle
  9. Voila!

Easy as apple pie!

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