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LuLaRoe seems to have taken over my Facebook newsfeed. For about 6 months, I’ve been hearing people rave over the “buttery soft” leggings and comfy, modest tops. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of some of the prints, but I was intrigued about the solid colored leggings and tops.

A few weeks ago, a LuLaRoe consultant had set-up a mini store in my local shopping mall, so I took the opportunity to check out the quality of the clothes. I’ll admit it – the leggings definitely are “buttery soft” but at $25, they’re not cheap, and definitely more than what I’m willing to pay for a pair of leggings. I also liked the Irma top (I like the modesty that the “high-low” hemline provides) but again, $35 is pretty expensive.

Update* – since writing this post, I’ve heard that the quality of LLR has gone way down. I’ve ordered leggings from all of the companies listed in this post, and the quality is really good. I have one pair that I’ve worn for about 2 years, probably at least 2 times per week. I wash it just on a normal cycle in the washing machine and they’re only just now starting to show a bit of wear.

However, as a busy mom, I like the idea of having a comfy, easy-to-wear outfit that I can throw on quickly and still look put together, so I went on the hunt for a cheaper alternative to LuLaRoe that provided the same “buttery soft” feeling, but wouldn’t break the bank.

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In my hunt for clothes similar to LuLaRoe, I visited a ton of different stores but I came up empty-handed. Sure, I found leggings. But they were either too thin, too loose or too tight around the crotch area, or just not very soft.

After an extensive search, I’m excited to say that I found TWO sources for leggings. I’ll list them below in order of preference!

1. Hello Pink

Hello Pink is an online boutique that sells tons of adorable, on-trend clothes but in particular, I love their leggings.

Hello Pink has a ton of adorable prints that they’re always switching up depending on the season. They cater to all sizes (they have a classic line, curvy and extra curvy,) the material is incredibly soft and durable AND the best part – most of their leggings are only $9!

Isn’t that insane?! That’s just over a third of the cost of LLR. I mean, let’s be honest. You probably spend that much on a frappe and a cake pop at the Starbucks drive-through a couple times a week (#guilty…)

Anyway, here are some pictures of some of my favorite prints from Hello Pink.

Cosmic Yoga Leggings

Purple Cosmo Yoga Leggings – $13.50 (the premium yoga leggings are slightly higher priced)

Black Cat Halloween Leggings

Black Cat Halloween Leggings – $9 (how cute are these for Halloween???)

Nautical Print Leggings

Nautical Print Leggings – $9 – I grew up on the water, so I’m a sucker for anything nautical!

Solid Black Hello Pink Leggings

Solid Black High Waist Leggings – $9 – Because everyone needs a pair of high waisted solid black leggings!

Those are 4 of my personal favorites right now, but there are tons more prints available so definitely check them out. (and p.s. if you’re a fan of graphic tees, make sure you check out their graphic tee line too!)

>>Check out Hello Pink here<<

2. Good ‘ol Amazon

After basically buying out all the Hello Pink stock (haha) I turned to my trusted friend, Amazon.

Oh, Amazon, how I love you. You’re always there for me ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, I was pretty excited to find leggings that are, in my opinion, exactly the same quality and feel of LuLaRoe but are less than half the price!

(I’ve also found cheaper alternatives to LuLaRoe dresses and tops, which you can read about here.)

And not only did I find the perfect LuLaRoe leggings dupe, I also found a cheaper (but just as nice) alternative to the LuLaRoe Irma top!

The LuLaRoe leggings alternative are by a brand called Viv Collection” – you can find them here.

They’re only $12 a pair, so you can get 2 pairs of the Viv Collection leggings for less than the price of one pair of LuLaRoe leggings.

I bought a black pair and a dark blue and white pair called “Cracks in the Ice” (the first and third leggings in the image below.) I also love the Blue Wilderness print, so I plan to order them soon.

Leggings similar to LuLaRoe but less than half the price

There are a ton of different prints to choose from, including a variety of solid colors.

The LuLaRoe Irma alternative is by a brand called All For You” which you can find here.

I ordered two tops – one black and one mauve, both size small. At $15 each, I was able to get two All For Youย tops for less than the price of one LuLaRoe Irma.

Cheaper alternative to LuLaRoe Irma Top

I’m a size small or a size 2-4, and these fit perfectly. The mauve was actually more of a burnt orange. It looks just like the picture, but I wouldn’t call that “mauve.” All For You also has a short sleeved version of this tunic top which is perfect for summer.

If you’re searching for a cheaper alternative to LuLaRoe but don’t want to sacrifice on quality, then I highly recommend you check out Viv Collectionย for leggings and All For Youย for tops!

*Update* – a lovely reader has also recommend The Leggings Depotย as another alternative to LuLaRoe leggings. I haven’t tried them yet, but they look promising. Once I’ve received a pair, I’ll update this post with my thoughts.ย Tried them, love them! They’re another great alternative to Lularoe!

If youย wantย even more cheaper alternatives to Lularoe (think dresses and tops!) then make sure you check out this post for my favorite Lularoe style dresses and tops!

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  1. I would love to know if you have found a Perfect T knock off. I have the leggings you mention and love them. I got them at a local boutique for $9.

  2. I have 1 pair of LLR leggings and 3 Irmas. Also a Cassie. I have found that there are even CHEAPER alternatives. Walmart has leggings at 6.97 and they are called sueded leggings. I did a blind test of which were which and, would you believe, I chose the WM brand each time.

    I do love my Irma’s tho. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Wow, that’s awesome! I’ve checked out the Walmart leggings but I’m partial to the Amazon ones ๐Ÿ™‚ Good to know there are plenty of options though!

    • I just discovered this as well!! They were quite picked over though and even the associate says they go fast. I have a couple of LLR and can’t tell the difference in material either. I got mine for $5.88. Seems like a no brainer compared to $25. Was disappointed I discovered this after purchasing two LLR. Glad I know now though.

  3. Thank you! My sister in law just had a party for Lula Roe. I didn’t go once I found out how much everything costs! I just can’t justify that kind of money on one piece of clothing when I can go to walmart, shop the clearance racks at other stores or the local community aid thrift store and get a big bagful for the same price.

  4. I also found leggings from The Legging Depot a cost effective alternative to LLR. I like the LLR leggings but it is outrageous to me that Black is not a readily available color in LLR. The Leggings Depot has solids and prints and are available via Amazon.

  5. Hello! I was at Costco last night and found some leggings sold in a pack of two on sale for $11.99 (regularly $14.99). They are buttery soft and super comfy as well!!! I cleaned them as soon as I got home and am wearing a pair today. I would definitely recommend these as well to any Costco members!! One pair for $6, you can’t beat that! They’re called Felicia brand. I own three pairs of lularoe leggings and I would venture to say these feel exactly the same!

  6. I tried the VIV leggings and (reading your blog) now own an All For You top as well! Great recommendations – I hope there are more alternatives out there!! Thanks!

  7. Thank you so much for writing this! I will never EVER pay $25 for leggings. I don’t care how cute they are. I know their not even worth half the price. I will definitely pay for leggings half the price. I’m going to check out the brand you listed at an affordable price. I have been deleting all of the lularoe nonsense from my FB. They never have sales and I believe their giveaways are fake. If they are giving anything away it’s probably to their friends. Lol

    • I have a few pieces of LLR and am definitely on the hunt for cheaper alternatives although I have to say the giveaways are real. I actually won 2 of them last weekend from people I’ve never met or purchased from. I got my free items and though one isn’t something I’d choose for myself, they’re pretty cute!

    • Their giveaways are real,I can’t afford their clothes but I have won four pairs of leggings, three irmas and a Nicole dress . I’m all for comfort, but at affordable prices .

      • That’s awesome, Ana! I know a few people that have won ๐Ÿ™‚ Congratulations!

  8. I am so glad I found your post. I just recently learned of LLR through a friend… who is bedazzled by them! Anyway, bought a few things – a couple leggings and a top… The leggings seemed nice enough even though $25 but I could not believe the cost of the shirts! $40-$70 and ladies were snatching them up… Geez! I found myself watching the Facebook Live pop-ups like it was a TV Show! Good grief… Again, thank you for your post! I am healed!

    • haha you’re so welcome! ๐Ÿ˜€ The outfits can definitely get pretty spendy, so it’s nice to have a cheaper alternative!

  9. How is the waistband on these leggings? One of the things that appeals to me about the LLR and CuddlDuds leggings is that the fabric’s stretch itself provides the staying power, and there is no strip of elastic running through a channel at the waist. I’m very boxy waisted and find the latter type of waistband suuuuuuper uncomfortable.

    • The Viv Collection leggings do have more of a traditional elastic waistband. I find them to be very comfortable, but I think a lot of it comes down to personal preference. Depending on how tall you are, maybe you could try folding the elastic waistband down a bit, if where it sits naturally is uncomfortable?

    • That’s why Ilike them too and the wide choice of patterns……I’m up to 20 pr.!!!The tops are high though!

  10. I have to say I love my Lularoe (LLR) leggings however, I have also been looking for an alternative to them because of the price tag. One of your readers noted that had gotten some from Leggings Depot and loved them just as well. I was thrilled with the thought of that because I had just ordered some for my daughter and myself. One of my concerns though, when looking for an alternative, is the waistband. One of the reasons I love my LLR leggings is because of their yoga pant style waistband. It does not cut in to your skin and is very forgiving with any bulges you may have, smoothing out any of those rolls. I happen to put on my new Leggings Depot pants today. I love the way that they feel on my legs! They are VERY similar if not the same to LLR on your legs (only). The big however is: HOWEVER, the DO cut into my middle and are not comfortable there as I was afraid may be the issue. I am not a pleasantly plump person, just have normal mamma rolls, so if you are… they are not the leggings for you. Uncomfortable is the word. I am 5’7 1/2″ and about 135 lbs. so I am right on that on the borderline of needing tall and curvy but most of the time the waist is too big if I do the larger. The pair I am wearing from Leggings Depot is One Size. Maybe if I would have ordered up I would be singing a different tune, who knows. The pricing was definitely right though! I do like how long waisted they are though. Because I am slightly tall I have issues most of the time with the tops of pants not hitting at the right spot and hitting way to low on my hips. Just my 2ยข. Hope my note helps.

  11. I found some at a chain store called Elder Beerman that have the exact same fell as the LuLaRoe. They come in 4 sizes and are super comfy. Brand is Pink Rose. I got one pair for 9.99. The other, for 4.99. The first pair of LLR leggings I bought ripped in the crotch the first time I wore them. Luckily, my consultant just had me take a picture and she let me pick a new pair. I didn’t even have to return the torn ones.

  12. I would like to find some DACHSHUND print leggings. I also am looking for Tigers and Lions. Big bright flowers also.

  13. Any ideas for those of us who are not a size 4, rather well on the plus size of things? Reading the dimensions of the Viv leggings, the waist seems that it is waay too small, at 22 3/4, even with elastic, to fit.

  14. My VIV leggings arrived last week and I’m a fan. I have noticed that the black is not a deep, saturated color which may only be obvious when in the drawer next to other black leggings. At 5’6″/135# I chose the plus size and they fit well, if a little bit too generous. I don’t love the waist band but it is comfortable. Thanks so much for your tips!

  15. So I’m interested in trying the alternative to the Julia. Is this option above as versatile as the lularoe Julia? Thin enough to be folded into tunic length? Sleeves rolled into shorter length?

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