50+ Online Jobs and Work-From-Home Business Ideas for Moms

Are you looking for online jobs and business ideas for moms? I have over 50+ amazing ideas for you 🙂

Online Jobs and Work From Home Ideas - Over 50 great ideas for moms to make extra money from home, or even start their own online business!

An online job or working-from-home is the dream for many moms – I know it was for me. In fact, it was one of my biggest goals after giving birth – finding a way to make money from home. I did a ton of research on work-from-home job opportunities and found that there are actually lots of great ways to make extra money online. And if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, why not consider starting your own business? That’s the path that I took and I haven’t looked back – I absolutely love being my own boss.

In this epic list of work-from-home ideas, I’ve rounded up all of the online jobs I discovered, and some great business ideas. And at the end, I’ve also included some of the ways I make a bit of extra supplemental income – these aren’t online jobs or businesses but they’re easy ways to put a bit of extra cash in your wallet.

50 Online Jobs And Business Ideas For Moms

Start an Online Boutique (for $29!)

If you love shopping for cute, quality clothes on a budget, then why not make money doing just that?

Hello Pink is an online boutique that has THE cutest clothes at insanely low prices (I’m talking $9 for a pair of leggings and $12-$16 for adorable graphic tees.)

And the best part about Hello Pink is that they are committed to providing a legitimate opportunity for women (and men if you want!) to make an income online, without having to spend thousands on inventory like some other companies (that shall remain unnamed.)

So how do you become a stylist and earn money with Hello Pink?

Well, the first thing you need to do is click here to go to the Hello Pink sign up page.

Then, follow the prompts to sign up (it takes no more than 2 minutes) and you’ll get a free pair of leggings, too!

You’ll then get access to your back-end, where you can start sharing your special link. You’ll receive a 20% commission on all products that customers purchase using your link! You also receive a 25% discount on your own orders, along with your own personalized website, weekly trainings, etc.

$29 is an insanely low price to start your own business, and I love that Hello Pink has made the barrier to entry so low.

>>Click here to start your own Hello Pink business<<

(p.s. If you want more info about Hello Pink, feel free to send me an email at ashli{at}themilliondollarmama.com

Online English Tutor

This is one of my favorite online jobs because of the flexibility it provides, the great pay and the fun working conditions! QKids an amazing company who hires people to work from home and teach English to adorable Chinese kids. They pay up to $20/hr.

Qkids requires you to have a Bachelor’s degree to be an online teacher. Don’t have a degree? No problem! MagicEars is another great company that hires online English teachers, and no degree is required! MagicEars pays up to $26/hr.

Facebook Ads Side Hustle

Since Facebook has changed their algorithm to show less business content and more content from your family and friends, it’s because incredibly important for small business owners to start running paid Facebook ads.

This is something that most business owners don’t have the time, desire, or skills to do.

That’s why Bobby from Millennial Money Man created the Facebook Side Hustle course – to teach people how to run successful Facebook ads for small businesses.

I’ve personally enrolled in the Facebook Side Hustles course and I’ve learned so much.

The course hasn’t even been launched for very long and there are already so many success stories from people who are making anywhere from $1000-$3000 or even more by providing this service to small business owners.

If you’d like to start your own Facebook Ads Lead Generation business, check out the Facebook Side Hustle course.


Of course I’ve had to include blogging on this list. Blogging has been life-changing for me. In less than 10 months of, I was able to earn more than I’ve ever earned working a full-time job, and I get to spend my days with my son instead of paying for childcare.

If you enjoy writing, then why not start a blog? It costs next-to-nothing to get started, and the potential is huge.

There are a ton of different niches you can choose – Lifestyle, Food, Parenting, Fitness to name a few.

Here’s the link to my free 7-day blogging course.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assisting is a rapidly growing field – this job is HOT right now.

As a virtual assistant, you work from home and generally provide administrative, clerical and/or technical assistant to clients, although tasks may vary depending on client needs and your skill set.

You may find yourself answering client emails and scheduling flights one day and sending or chasing up unpaid invoices the next.

If you’re interested in learning everything you need to become a virtual assistant, Gina Horkey (a super successful VA) from Horkey Handbook offers an informative course “30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success” that will teach you everything you need to get started.

Direct Sales

Many moms have found success with network marketing, earning an income working from home and setting their own hours.

One of the keys to success in network marketing is to make sure the product is something truly like, and the company provides lots of support when it comes to marketing your business.

Stella & Dot is a company that I’ve heard great things about, although full disclosure – I am NOT a Stella & Dot consultant. They offer 25-35% commission on sales, the ability to shop at a discount of up to 50% off and training and support for their stylists.

There are three starter kits to choose from, ranging in price from $199-$699.

You can find out more about becoming a Stella & Dot stylist here.


As a transcriptionist, you’ll be transcribing and creating reports from dictated recordings. A medical transcriptionist is a specialized job and requires that you possess excellent attention to detail.

Transcribe Anywhere, taught by experienced transcriptionist Janet Shaughnessy, provides a high-quality education and will teach you everything you need to know to become a successful transcriptionist.

Resume Writer

Resume writing can be a great side earner. Every job hunter needs a good resume, but a lot of people are lost when it comes to writing one and are willing to pay an expert.

Udemy has an awesome course on resume writing, written by a top professional resume writer.

Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, you earn a commission each time a customer makes a purchase that was due to your marketing and promotion.

Typically, as an affiliate, you will receive a special “affiliate link” that you can post on your website, blog and/or social media. Every time someone clicks on your link, it tracks their purchase and you receive a certain percentage of the sale price.

FlexOffers and ShareASale are the affiliate marketing companies I use and highly recommend.

(Affiliate marketing isn’t as easy as just slapping up a few affiliate links on your blog. If you’re serious about learning all there is to know about affiliate marketing, I recommend taking Michelle Schroeder-Gardner’s course, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

(I also have an eBook for those who are looking to learn more specific information about affiliate marketing with Amazon. You can find that here.)

Freelance Writer

If you’re good with words, freelance writing can be one of the best options for earning an income from home. There is no particular education required, no fancy equipment needed and you can work from literally anywhere.

(I wrote one of my first paid articles in the boarding section of San Antonio airport, on my iPad!)

I took the 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success course and highly recommend it.

Personal Stylist

If you have a passion for fashion, an outgoing and engaging personality and the desire to help other women discover their own personal style, then you might make a great personal stylist.

StitchFix, the mega-popular personal style service are frequently searching for personal stylists to join their team.


If you have excellent organizational skills and a knack for numbers, then becoming a virtual bookkeeper might be a great option. As a virtual bookkeeper, there are opportunities to work for a company or start your own business.

If you’re interested in learning more about starting your own bookkeeping business, I recommend checking out this free class that goes over how to become a virtual bookkeeper and make $80/hr.

Etsy store owner

For all the crafty people out there, becoming an Etsy store owner can be a great way to get your creations out to the masses, and make some money from your talent. One of the benefits of Etsy is that it’s already well-known and respected so you don’t have to drive traffic to the site (just to your store).

FBA Amazon seller

FBA selling is hot right now. In a nutshell, you purchase products at wholesale or on clearance, set your price for resale, ship them off to Amazon and they take care of the rest.


If you’re an animal lover, pet-sitting can be a great way to make some extra money from home. Many people aren’t comfortable leaving their beloved pets in a boarding facility while away for work or travel, and would rather their furry friend stay in a home environment.

Rover is a good site to check out if you’re interested in making some extra money pet-sitting – it’s a bit like Care.com but for pets.

Cake decorator

If you have an artistic flair and you’re a talented baker, you could start your own cake decorating business from home. Craft stores like Hobby Lobby often hold classes on cake decorating, as do some community colleges.

Before you set up shop, make sure you check your local laws regarding selling food from your home.

Personal Chef

There are tons of people who don’t have the time, skill or inclination to cook dinner each night, but would love a home-cooked meal. If you’re skilled in the kitchen, why not become a personal chef?

I know of a woman who regularly cooks delicious, family sized lasagna’s and advertises them for $25 on Facebook. And let me tell you, they get snapped up straight away!

*Just like cake decorating, make sure you check your local laws regarding selling food from your home.

House Cleaning

Although not technically a work-from-home job, this is a good way to make some supplemental income –  everybody wants a clean house, but most people don’t enjoy cleaning.

I know of a Mom who cleans two small apartments per week – it takes her about 1 hour and she charges $50. Not bad for an hours work!

Art Teacher

If you’re a talented artist, why not offer private art classes? You can do individual lessons or teach a larger group.

A friend of mine who is a talented Art School graduate runs a successful business teaching small groups to create their own masterpiece, from start to finish. Students are able to enjoy a glass of wine if they desire, and have a beautiful painting to take home at the end of the evening.

Personal Fitness Coach

The fitness industry is huge, generating tens of billions of dollars globally per year. If you’re passionate about fitness and have the right qualifications, you can tap into this industry and become an online Personal Fitness Coach.

You could write personalized training plans, do Skype sessions with clients, or devise a fitness routine and sell it on your website or via social media.

Life Coach

Life coaching is a $2 billion industry and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down. If you’re an inspiring, caring and supportive person who wants to help others to achieve their full potential, then becoming a Life Coach might be a good idea.

Check out Life Coaching Certified and Mentor Masterclass.

YouTube Celebrity

If you enjoy being in front of the camera, there is the potential to make money by starting your own successful YouTube channel.

One of the keys to driving traffic to your site is ensuring that your content is engaging and entertaining and that you’re passionate about what it is you’re sharing.

Once you’ve uploaded a few videos, make sure to monetize your channel by signing up for YouTube’s Partner program and you will get for every thousand views your videos receive.

Health Coach

If you’re passionate about healthy living, health coaching is a booming industry. Many adults struggle with maintaining a healthy lifestyle and could benefit from the advice and guidance of a Health Coach.

Dr Sears Wellness Institute and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition both offer Health Coach training programs.

In-home daycare

Running an in-home daycare center can be a great business to start if you enjoy children and have extra space in your house.

Many parents who need to utilize childcare prefer the idea of an in-home daycare over a daycare center, perhaps feeling their child may receive more individualized attention. Regulations regarding in-home daycare vary from state-to-state.

eBay store owner

eBay has been around forever and despite the fact that there is more competition now, there is still money to be made. Do some research and find an item (or items) that you can purchase in bulk at a discount price, and sell them on eBay for a profit.

Web Designer/Developer

There are around a billion websites on the internet today, and the number is growing. In today’s digital age, every business requires a website but most people don’t have the faintest idea of how to get started.

If you are technologically minded and/or have an eye for design, you can tap into this growing industry. Many web designers and developers are self-taught through places like Team Treehouse. I used Team Treehouse for about a year and I loved it. It’s where I learned everything I know about CSS, HTML, etc. Here’s a link to get a free trial to Team Treehouse.

Stock Photography

Selling your stock photos on a website like iStock or ShutterStock can be a great way to build up a passive income. Upload your best images to the site and you’ll receive a royalty when someone purchases your image.

eBook Author

If you’re an expert on a topic, writing an eBook and selling it online (Amazon is a great place to start) is another way to build up passive income.

Once you’ve spent the initial outlay of time required to write the book, all sales after that are passive income.

Graphic Designer

Graphic Design is another potentially lucrative work-from-home career. There are a couple of different avenues of learning graphic design – you can be self-taught through websites like Lynda and Udemy and design books, or you can go to design school (if you have the time and funds to spare).

Once you’re confident in your design skills, it’s important to build a strong portfolio and web presence to attract clients. You can also look for work through job boards 99designs, Dribble and UpWork.

Web Search Evaluator

Fancy making money for surfing the web? If you’re a heavy internet user who is confident navigating your way around the web, you could make money as a Web Search Evaluator.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo use certain algorithms in an attempt to make sure users find the information they are looking for, but even the best algorithms can’t take the place of a real human. That’s where a Web Search Evaluator comes in.

If you’re interested in exploring this further, Appen and LeapForce are good places to start.

UX Designer

UX Design is experiencing huge growth right now and many companies offer the opportunity to work from home.

For those unfamiliar with UX design, Wikipedia describes it as “the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and the product.”

CareerFoundry offers an excellent course that will teach you to be a UX designer in 6 months.

Greeting Card Poem Writer

If you find yourself writing beautiful poems or prose in the cards you give to loved ones, you could potentially make money by selling your poems to greeting card companies.

Companies like Blue Mountain Arts will pay $300 for the rights to use your poem in their greeting cards.

Travel Advisor/Vacation Planner

Have a passion for travel and would like to help others plan their vacation? Then an online travel advisor might be the perfect job. As an online travel advisor, you’ll be helping would-be travelers plan, organize and book their airfares and accommodation.

There are opportunities to specialize in a certain type of vacation too – you could specialize in adventure travel, eco-tourism, family vacations, Disney vacations, to name a few.

If you’re interested in learning more about being an online travel advisor, FabJob offers a great guide on how to become a travel consultant, and Travel at Home has opportunities to start your own travel business from home.

Grant Writer

Grant writers are in high demand – organizations always need talented people who can submit successful proposals on their behalf. Being a talented writer is a great start, but there is a bit more to successful grant writing than first meets the eye.

Ed2Go offers a Grant Writing Suite that will teach you everything you need to know to become a successful grant writer.


Do you have advanced knowledge in a topic such as math, chemistry, biology etc and have a passion for teaching? Then becoming an online tutor might be a great way to share your knowledge and earn some extra income.

Some online tutoring companies may require you to have an advanced education in your area of expertise, while others may require you to complete an online exam to measure your level of knowledge.

Tutor.com and Chegg Tutors are always hiring tutors and are a great starting point in your search.

Website Tester

As a website tester, you’ll be testing websites for their user friendliness, ease of navigation, clarity, design etc. While it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to make a full-time income as a website tester, it can be a great way to make some supplemental income.

TryMyUI and UserTesting both pay $10 for each test you take (the tests typically take about 20 minutes).

Social Media Manager

As a social media manager, you’ll be devising and implementing social media marketing plans for company or organization you work for. As this is still a relatively new field with limited degree offerings, most companies don’t require you to have a college degree in the field (they may require a Marketing or Business degree instead).

For further training in the field of social media marketing, check out HootSuite University’s excellent Social Media Marketing Certification. MediaBistro also offers a vast array of online social media courses.


If you’re fluent in more than one language, you could become an online translator. Gengo and VerbalizeIt are two companies that hire online translators.

Customer Service Associate

If you have a great telephone manner and have a quiet environment you can work from, Amazon often has work-from-home Customer Service Associate positions.

These positions pay around $10/hr and require you to have at least one year of previous customer service experience and a high school diploma.

While these are work-from-home positions, they usually require you to live in a certain state (Arizona, Washington, Oregon and Texas seem to be the most popular, although they do hire from all states for seasonal positions.)

Virtual Receptionist

If you possess a cheery, friendly personality, an outstanding phone manner and the ability to establish a rapport with people, then you might enjoy being a virtual receptionist.

Just like a traditional receptionist, you will be answering phone calls and providing assistance to customers and clients.

VickyVirtual is a company that hires virtual receptionists from across the United States and state that 90% of your time will be answering inbound calls using a computer and headset for a variety of clients.

Exec-u-sist is another company that hires virtual receptionists, along with virtual assistants that complete a wider variety of tasks.

Corporate English Teacher

English is the global language of business, and many corporations require their staff to learn English.

LearnLight is one company that hires virtual language teachers. Some positions require candidates to hold a teaching degree, while others just require you to be a proficient English speaker and to possess a university degree or diploma.

Berlitz, a company that has been around for 130 years, also hires instructors with native language proficiency.

Telephone Nurse

As a telephone nurse, you will be consulting with patients over the phone to evaluate their symptoms and determine whether they need to go to the ER, make an appointment with their physician, or treat their ailment at home.

A degree in nursing is required to work in this field. Indeed is a good place to start looking for a telephone nurse position.

Online Juror

Do you love watching courtroom TV shows?

Then becoming an online juror might be just the job for you. Online jurors get paid to participate in mock trials, helping attorneys determine case values and discover the strengths and weaknesses of their cases.

OnlineVerdict and eJury are two companies that hire online jurors.

Call Center Agent

Do you thrive on the high-paced energy of a call center, but would prefer to work from the comfort of your own home?

Good news – there are many companies that hire for work-from-home call center agents. if you can provide a quiet, distraction-free work environment, check out American Express, LiveOps, Convergys and AlpineAccess – they all hire work-from-home call center agents.

Online Researcher

As on online researcher, you’ll be researching topics for companies like law firms, insurance companies, healthcare providers, marketing companies, etc. You may be helping to determine the size of a market, gather statistics or research market competitors.

Wonder hires online researchers – you can also check websites like UpWork and Elance or approach local businesses that you think might benefit from your research skills (it would be a big bonus if you have education and/or experience in your chosen field.)


Editing/proofreading is a growth industry – just think of how much written content there is now. The great thing is that the vast majority of this content is on the web, which means that talented virtual editors and proofreaders are in high demand.

As an editor, you’ll be ensuring that written content flows well and has good sentence structure, while a proofreader gets into the nitty gritty of the document, ensuring there are no spelling and grammatical errors (this job requires an excellent eye for detail.)

Domainite, Proofreading Services and Kibin are always on the lookout for talented editors and proofreaders.

Tech Support Specialist

If you’re knowledgeable about technology and computer systems, you could work-from-home as tech support specialist, providing technical support, guidance and assistance to customers.

Apple hires Apple at Home advisors and Xerox currently employees over 8000 people to work from home. GeekSquad is another option.

Closed Captioner

As a closed captioner, you’ll be creating the captions that appear on televisions screens for the hearing impaired. You are required to have an excellent typing speed, with most closed captioners using a machine called a stenotype that allows them to type about 200 words per minute.

Rev is a good place to get started in the field, while Aberdeen usually requires closed captioners to have experience in the field.

Chat Agent

Currently, the majority of work-from-home customer service positions are phone-based, however, many companies have started hiring exclusively chat-based agents.

Support.com, SiteStaff, LiveWorld and Convergys all hire work-from-home chat agents.

Data Entry

Go to TypingTest and check your typing speed. If you get a great score, with excellent accuracy then you could make an income as a remote data entry specialist.

Indeed is one of the best career sites to start your search – just type “remote” in the “where” box. UpWork is another job board that advertises for remote data entry jobs.

Extra Income Ideas

Survey Taker

As a survey taker, you’ll be helping companies with valuable market research.

While this is not intended to be a full-time income, it’s a good way to make some extra cash when you have a few minutes spare.

My personal favorites are Inbox Dollars ($5 Sign Up Bonus), American Consumer Opinion and Swagbucks.

Mystery Shopper

As a mystery shopper, you will be entering a store, purchasing an item and reporting on your experience. You will be reimbursed for the item you purchase (up to a certain amount) and you’ll receive payment once you’ve submitted your report.

Mobee is a great mobile app that pays you to mystery shop. Use my referral code PJJF and you’ll get 300 bonus points to get you started.

Cashback Rewards


Earn cash back rewards every time you shop online by using a cash back rewards site like Ebates. I’ve been using Ebates for a few years and it’s great to receive a “Big Fat Check” in the mail every few months. Plus, when you sign up and make your first purchase, you’ll receive a $10 gift card!


Another great cash back rewards site is Ibotta. Ibotta gives you cash rebates for grocery store purchases – I have almost $100 in my Ibotta account just for doing grocery shopping! Sign up here and receive a bonus $10 cash after redeeming your first rebate.

This mega-list of online jobs for moms who want to work from home is one of the most in-depth I've seen. So many awesome ways to work at home and make extra money, or even build a career from home with kids!

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