Are you wanting to learn about the easiest (and I believe, the best) way to monetize your blog?

Awesome – you’ve come to the right place.

The Amazon Associate’s Program is my primary method of monetization for my blog. It’s what has allowed me to go from being a stay-at-home mom making nothing, to making $5000/month. (Which is more than I ever earned when I worked full time.)

And I’ve done this with my blog that is less than a year old.

See, the great thing about the Amazon Associate’s Program is this:

1) It doesn’t matter what your niche is – there are literally MILLIONS of items for sale on Amazon, so there is always going to be something relevant to you

2) Everyone shops on Amazon, ALL.THE.TIME. And Amazon will pay you when you send people there (regardless of what they buy!)

(Ok, so that was two things. But wouldn’t you agree that they’re pretty compelling reasons to become an Amazon Associate?)

Due to the fact that I’ve had so much success with the Amazon Associate’s program, I wrote this guide – “Cracking the Code on the Amazon Associate’s Program.”

Because while it’s pretty easy to make money (and lots of it) through Amazon, it’s not as simple as slapping up a link in your sidebar.

What you’ll find inside the eBook:

  • The types of links to use to encourage buying
  • The keywords you need to target that indicate that people want to buy something!
  • What to include in a post so it actually converts
  • The best types of posts to write that will get your readers buying
  • My secret for finding out what my readers actually want to buy
  • And lots more…

This is exactly what I do, so I know that it works.

Like I said, I make thousands of dollars per month (you can read my online income reports here) using this exact system.

This book is primarily for bloggers, so if you haven’t started a blog, join my free Blogging 101 course first, to get set up and ready to go!