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The new year is almost upon us and if you’re like most people, one of your goals for the upcoming year is to increase your savings.

Mine too!

So that’s why I’ve created this reverse savings plan. There are tons of weekly savings plans floating around the internet, so I’m not going to pretend the concept is completely new.

But the savings plans I’ve seen start small, gradually increasing the amount of money you’re saving each week. There are a couple of things I didn’t like about those plans:

  1. Your savings go up so slowly, so there’s less positive reinforcement
  2. Once it gets to Thanksgiving/Christmas, most people have a higher expenditure, meaning they have less money to put aside into savings
  3. A lot of people get money for Christmas and/or tax returns which means it’s easier to save larger sums at the beginning of the year as opposed to the end of the year

With this savings plan, you’ll have $2700 saved up by the end of the year.

And the best part?

The plan gets easier and easier and the year goes on.

I like following the plan as closely as I can, but you can also cross off different amounts each week, depending on your financial situation. This idea would be particularly beneficial for freelancers or people who don’t have a set income each week.

On the weeks that you have a higher income, put aside a little more money and cross off a higher amount. On the weeks where money is scarce, put aside a little and cross off a smaller amount. Too easy.

Reverse Savings Plan – Save $2700 This Year!

I’ve made it even easier to save $2700 this year by creating this plan that you can print off and follow along with. Just click on the image and you’ll be able to save and print a PDF copy that you can stick on your refrigerator (or wherever you want!)

And if you’re looking for ways to make a bit of extra cash to help boost your savings, scroll down to the bottom of this post for some of my favorite ways to make some easy money.


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  1. I like it! I would also recommend people altering it even further by crossing out amounts each week. That way they can cross out a smaller amount if they are struggling and shift around to higher/lower amounts as needed.

    • My thoughts exactly! I also think it’s good to start off strong – seeing your savings grow fast provides more positive reinforcement!

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