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Inside: 5 things you can sell quickly for extra cash

Christmas is right around the corner and with that comes a lot of extra expenses. Presents, food, travel… the most wonderful time of the year can also be the most expensive time of the year!

Selling some of your household items in the leadup to Christmas is a win-win situation – you’ll bring in some extra money to help with the holiday expenses and you’ll have a head-start on your new year decluttering.

So, what are some things you can sell quickly for extra cash?

The truth is, you can sell anything! One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. But there are some items that are easy sells – you’ll probably have your phone blowing up with people wanting to buy the following items, so be prepared!

5 Things You Can Sell Quickly For Extra Cash

1. Baby Clothes

Baby clothes are always hot sellers, especially if they’re cute, in good condition, and you’re selling them at a reasonable price. Anyone with children knows that babies seem to grow out of things almost overnight, so most parents are always on the lookout for cheap clothes for their little ones.

Sometimes I’ll bundle up grocery bag of baby clothes and sell them for $5 on my local Facebook yard sale page, but for more high-end or designer baby clothes, you’ll get the most money if you sell them on ThredUp or Mercari, two selling apps that are free to join.

Click here to join ThredUp and you’ll get a $10 signup bonus.

Here’s the link to Mercari – use the code GGXFQB and you’ll get $2 off your first purchase.

2. Books

I’m an avid reader but I don’t have the space to keep all of the books I buy, so I almost always sell them once I’m done reading them. And they sell like hotcakes (or like books 😉 ) The key to selling your books fast is to research the competition and then slightly undercut them in price. And it really only has to be slightly – I usually undercut by less than 25cents, but it seems to work!

It probably goes without saying, but here is the number one place to sell your used books!

3. Toys

Toys, toys, toys. What kid doesn’t need (and want) more toys! Especially when they’re little and developing so quickly, a favorite toy that entertains a toddler for hours one week is thrown to the side in favor of something else a week later.

This is exactly why thrifty parents are always on the lookout for new, budget-friendly toys for their kids, and exactly why you should be taking advantage of selling your kids toys.

I have the best luck selling toys at garage sales.

4. Solid Wood Furniture

Think twice before you take that old, beat-up, solid wood coffee table to the dump. With the popularity of DIY restorations on Pinterest, people are falling over themselves to get their hands on cheap, solid wood furniture to restore.

Your best bet for selling solid wood furniture is probably going to be Craigslist or garage sales.

5. Brand Name Clothing From Thrift Stores

If you don’t thrift, then you need to start. I’m a huge thriftaholic and regularly find brand-name clothing for bargain prices at thrift stores.

My family are big into thrifting too – just recently my sister found a pair of authentic Christian Louboutin red-soled shoes for $6 and I found a brand-new with tags on North Face jacket for $5.25.

These items can easily be sold for WAY more than that on ThredUp.

These are the 5 items that I’ve had the most success with selling fast for extra cash, but there are plenty more things you can sell. Just have a look around your house and you’ll probably be able to come up with enough to have a successful yard sale.

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5 things you can sell quickly for extra cash