Are you planning your create a home gym on a budget and want to know the budget-friendly home gym essentials you need to have? I created my own home gym a few years ago – read on to find out my home gym must-haves!

how to build a home gym on a budget


A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to start making my fitness a priority (I was actually a personal trainer in a previous life!) At the time, I wasn’t interested in a gym membership – I wanted to build my own budget-friendly home gym so I could just go downstairs and workout instead of having to drive to the gym. We lived about 20 minutes from the gym so I knew that having a home-gym set up in our bonus room would motivate me to work out (and not use the excuse of “the gym is too far away.”)

We’ve since moved to a new state, I have a gym membership, and we no longer have a large bonus room. However, I’ve kept my home gym! Because I don’t have large gym equipment a huge room isn’t required, so our spare bedroom is perfect. You could even set this up in your garage if you don’t have a spare room. In fact, you don’t even need an entire room – even a space in the living room would work.

And even though I have a gym membership, I still find it handy having a home gym. The gym I attend offers childcare but if my little isn’t feeling well, or if the childcare is closed, if we have a snow day, etc., it’s good to know that I can still get my workout in!

Here are 10 budget-friendly home gym essentials that will help you get in an effective workout from home.

10 Budget-Friendly Home Gym Essentials

1) Dumbbells

No home gym would be complete without a set of dumbbells. To get toned arms, dumbbells are essential. I love these Cast Iron Hex Dumbbells – depending on your current strength level, I’d recommend starting with two pairs of different weights, maybe a 10lb pair and a 15lb pair. That way you can work out bigger muscles like your biceps and smaller muscles like your triceps.

2) Floor Mat

A floor mat is a great item to have for your home gym for ab exercises like planks and for yoga and stretching. I really like this YogaAccessories Deluxe Yoga Mat because it has a double-sided non-slip texture and it’s thicker and longer than normal yoga mats.


3) Stability Ball

A stability ball is a great all-rounder (no pun intended 😉 ) to have in your home-gym. A stability ball can help you target lots of areas including your abdominal muscles and core, upper and lower back, legs, and upper body. It’s important that you choose the right sized stability ball for your height. These professional grade Black Mountain Stability Balls come in five different size options, four different colors, and include a pump.

4) Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are an excellent addition to any home gym because they offer endless workout potential. Resistance bands can provide a full body workout, targeting biceps, triceps, chest, abs, core, and legs. I love this Black Mountain Resistance Band Set – the set comes with a lifetime warranty and includes a door anchor, carry bag, exercise chart, ankle strap and starter guide.


5) Bosu Ball

Bosu balls are amazing for increase core strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination.  This RitFit Bosu Ball is a great option because it comes with detachable resistance straps, a hand pump and a wall chart with example exercises.

6) Jump Rope

Yes, the classic jump rope that you might not have used since grade school! Jump ropes provide an excellent cardio workout. When my husband first handed me our jump rope, I thought to myself “pfft.. a jumprope? I could jump for HOURS as a kid!” Um…. yeah. Not as easy as I thought! I love this adjustable Jump Rope (it’s important to make sure your jump rope is adjustable for your height.)

7) Barbell

A gym is not a gym without a barbell set. Barbells are cost effective, and incredibly versatile – there are endless exercises you can do with a barbell – deadlifts, calf raises, bent-over rows, barbell curls, ab rollouts… The actual plates themselves can be used for many different exercises, too. A lot of barbells are sold by themselves (you then have to buy the plates) which is why I like this Gold’s Gym barbell set – the plates are included.

8) Workout DVD

Workout DVD’s are a great addition to any home gym. I love lifting weights, but getting sweaty by following along with a workout DVD is not only fun, it provides a great workout! Some of my favorite workout DVD’s include:

Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred


Zumba Fitness Incredible Slimdown

9) Aerobic Step

I’m not a big fan of Step Aerobics classes, but I still believe that an aerobic step is still a great addition to any home gym. An aerobic step can be used for calf raises (I hold onto two dumbbells for an even greater workout,) tricep dips, pushups, bench dips, and barbell tricep extensions. This Step Original Aerobic Platform comes with two risers so you can easily adjust the height, and has a non-slip top.

10) Foam Roller

Ahhh, foam rollers. I can just feel my muscle tension being relieved even thinking about using a foam roller. Besides helping to ease tightness and loosen knots in your muscles after working out, foam rollers can also be used for balance exercises, spine stabilization and core workouts. I love this foam roller.

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As you can see, you don’t have to spend a fortune to set up your own home gym. These budget-friendly home gym essentials will allow you complete full body workouts without ever having to leave the house!

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