Let me just start this post by saying that I completely agree with you if you’re thinking that the title of this post is a mouthful. I’ll be honest – I didn’t really know how else to title it. I was going to use “How I Became a Full-Time Working SAHM” but then I realized that’s not really true, because I definitely don’t work full-time hours. But I do earn a full-time income. And I’m also a stay-at-home mom.

So, that’s why this post title is so fandangled.

Anyway, onto the actual meat and potatoes. If you’ve read here before, you might be familiar with the fact that before I got pregnant, I worked for a national non-profit. I loooooved my job. It was seriously the best job I’ve ever had, I loved everyone I worked with, and I adored the company.

But then three things happened.

1) I found out I was pregnant with my first child.

2) The organization I worked for announced they were closing the branch I worked at.

3) My husband was about to come down on orders (if you’re not familiar with military lingo, that basically means we’d be moving to a new duty station, definitely interstate, possibly overseas.)

All of those three things combined were the catalyst for me to get serious in my efforts to make an income online.

Fast forward to the present day, and I now make a full-time income completely online, working part-time hours from anywhere in the world (provided I have an internet connection, of course.) Currently, the little man and I are in sunny Australia!

Sounds like a dream, right?

Trust me, in some ways I think so, too. I mean, I honestly pinch myself sometimes that am able to stay at home with my baby boy, travel the world if I want, work when I want to, and get paid.

If you’re interested in doing the same, then I want you to know that it can be done. But like pretty much everything good in life, it’s not always gonna be easy.

The truth is, while I work part-time hours now and earn a full-time income, for months and months (and months and months) I worked wayyyyyy more than full-time hours and earned wayyyyyy less than a part-time income.

If I break it down to the actual numbers, we’re looking at something like this:

60/hrs a week for 4-5 months, for 7 cents.

And that’s not even 7 cents an hour. That’s 7 cents total.

And that 7 cents was the most exciting 7 cents I’ve ever made in my life, because it confirmed to me that I could do this.

So here’s how I make (and have made) a full-time income online. Hopefully you’ll be able to glean some info and/or inspiration from this and get started on your own online-income journey!

1) Freelance Writing

Freelance writing was one of my first forays into making money online, and I still regard it as one of my favorites. There’s such a thrill when you see your article printed, and it feels great when you get that check in the mail.

I honestly couldn’t believe that someone was paying me to write. Not because I didn’t think I was worthy, but because writing is something I’ve always loved doing, and something I’ve done for as long as I can remember. So the fact that someone was paying me to do something I loved and would’ve been doing anyway was awesome.

2) Online Surveys

Online surveys get a bad rap, and a lot of the times that’s for good reason. There are tons of dodgy sites out there (trust me, I’ve been burned by them before. One time I did about 30 surveys, thinking I was earning $7/survey. Turns out I was earning 7 of their “survey dollars” which worked about to about half a cent. Awesome.

Full disclosure: you’re not going to get rich doing online surveys. But every bit of extra cash adds up, and I’ve easily made $150-$200/month doing online surveys on the following sites:

Swagbucks – my favorite survey site. Plenty of opportunities to make some extra cash from surveys, online searches, watching videos, etc.

InboxDollars – another great survey site, fun to use and I love spinning Billy the Wheel! Plus you can get a $5 sign up bonus by clicking here.

Survey Junkie – another easy to use survey site that pays out with either gift cards (great for Christmas gifts!) or straight into your PayPal account.

3) Blogging

This one is kinda obvs, right? I mean, you’re reading my blog, so I’m obviously a blogger 🙂 But I also make some money from this ‘ere little blog. If you’re wondering how, then it’s mainly through ads, affiliate marketing and sales of my eBook. Other bloggers also make money through sponsored posts, but that’s not something I’ve ever really gotten into.

Blogging is one of my favorite things to do ever – if you want to start your own blog then I’ve got a tutorial here to help you get started on the right foot.

4) Affiliate Marketing

This kinda fits into a similar vein of blogging. But while the two usually go hand-in-hand, it is possible to have one without the other (though I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for most people.)

If you happen to have a huge social media following on a platform like Instagram or Facebook, then you could successfully market affiliate products without a blog. But most of us don’t have 100k instagram followers, so a blog is by far the easiest way to make money affiliate marketing.

Note I said that it’s “the easiest” not that it’s easy. It’s definitely not as simple as slapping up an affiliate banner on your sidebar and calling it a day. I invested in this course that taught me all about affiliate marketing – worth every penny.

(And yes, that is an affiliate link. But rest assured, it wouldn’t be there if I didn’t think truly love the course. That’s why this blog isn’t a sponsored post fest. Because if I don’t like something, I’m sure as heck not going to promote it to my readers just to make a quick buck. I value you guys way too much to do that.)

5) Other Random Stuff

I’ve made this a category on it’s own because it really is just other random stuff I do to make money from home, but it doesn’t really warrant an individual breakdown.

For example, I always use Ibotta to get cashback on my groceries. I’ve got over $150 in there which I’m saving for Christmas presents.

I also sell my gently used clothes on ThredUp, which makes me some extra cash. (I also buy clothes from there all the time and save tons of money. You can get $10 to spend at Thredup for free by signing up here.)

Finally, I am a huge book-lover but I’m also a small-house dweller. That means I don’t have enough space for all of my books, so I sell most of them when I’m done on the biggest online book-seller in the world. (No prizes if you guessed who that was, haha!)

Wrapping Things Up

So there ya go! That’s how I went from full-time employee to SAHM to full-time income earning SAHM who works part-time after working way more than part-time for 7 cents. (<<<<Preeeety sure that’s a run-on sentence, and probably the most incoherent sentence I’ve ever written, haha.)

How to make money online for moms - How I went from unemployed SAHM to full-time online income!

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