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Yes, there are apps that pay you real money.

And I’ve downloaded and tried out almost all of them to find out which ones are the best and which ones aren’t worth your time.

It’s a common belief that it’s mainly iPhone apps that pay you you, but there are actually a lot of money making apps for Android phones, too, as you’ll see below.

So if you’re looking for apps to earn money online (that’s why you’re here, right?) then you’re in the right place!

Keep reading to find out which are the best apps to earn money fast and get started making some cash from your smartphone today!

1. Earn Cash for Doing Nothing App

This app is free and it pays you just for installing it.

Yep, you read that right. $50 per year, per device and you don’t have to do anything other than download it. That’s the definition of passive income! Click here to download it and get $50 every year for nothing.

Platform: Android and iOS

2. App That Pays You To Grocery Shop

If you’re an adult, then you grocery shop. And this app pays you to do the grocery shopping in the form of cash back. All you have to do is find the offers you want to take advantage of, buy the items, then upload a pic of your receipt. You’ll receive your cash back in less than 24 hours.

I’ve made over $2100 since I downloaded this free app! Plus you get a bonus $10 after you claim your first cashback offer. Click here to download the app and start getting cash back on your groceries.

Click here to get paid to grocery shop ($10 Bonus)

Platform: Android and iOS

3. App That Pays You To Search The Web

Do you search the web? If so, you’l want to download this free app that pays you to search the web (amongst other thing.) This free app is probably one of the most popular apps that pay real money, with over 10 million members! Click here to download the free app and you’ll also get a $5 sign up bonus.

Click here to get paid to search the web ($5 Signup Bonus)

Platform: Android and iOS

4. App That Pays You To Eat At Restaurants

If you love eating out, then you need to download this app that pays you to eat at restaurants. All you need to do is download the app on your phone and then search for restaurants near you that are offering money to dine there.

For example, when I check the app right now, near me there are 14 offers including an Italian restaurant that is offering $15 to dine there, a Mediterranean restaurant offering $15, and Turkish restaurant offering $7. Sign up using this link and you’ll get a bonus $5.

Platform: Android and iOS

5. Best Survey App to Make Money

If you like giving your opinion, then this app will pay you to answer questions about different products and services. It’s all in the name of market research – they have partnered with various companies who want real consumer’s opinions.

If getting paid to answer questions sounds good to you, then I recommend you also check out this free app. I currently have $120 balance from this free app which I’m going to use towards Christmas shopping. Sign up here and get a $2 bonus.

Apps that pay you real money

Click here to get paid to answer questions

Platform: Android and iOS

6. App That Pays You To Shop Online

This free app pays you to shop online in the form of cashback on your purchases. Before you shop online, you’ll just go the app or website, find the retailer you want to shop at and click the link to be taken to the store website.

The app then tracks your purchase and gives you a percentage of cash back. If you’re a regular online shopper, this free app is a must. They pay you via check or Paypal. As you can see from the screenshot below, I currently have $225 that I’m expecting soon! Click here to sign up and get a bonus $10!

Ebates - Apps that pay you real money

Click here to get paid to shop online ($10 Signup Bonus)

Platform: Android and iOS

7. App That Pays You To Scan Barcodes

This free app is one of my absolute favorites, because every time I use it I feel like I’m on a treasure hunt. The ways this app works is that you earn “kicks” for entering a store, and then more “kicks” for scanning the barcodes of various items throughout the store.

You can also earn even more “kicks” for purchasing items, but it’s not required. Each kick is worth around $0.004 cents which doesn’t sound like much, but sometimes you can get 350 kicks just for entering a store, which works out to $0.80.

Pro tip – sometimes you can even earn kicks just by driving past the entrance to the store. I used to do this after work with my local Target! Download the app for free here and get a bonus 250 kicks.

Click here to get paid to scan barcodes (250 bonus kicks)

Platform: Android and iOS

8. App That Pays You To Shop On Amazon

You probably already shop on Amazon regularly, so it’s a no-brainer to download this app that pays you to do exactly that – shop on Amazon! You’ll get $3 immediately just for downloading the app, then you’ll get $3/month just for having it on your phone.

That’s $36/year for doing nothing. Obviously it’s not a lot of money, but would you say no if someone just walked up to you and said “Here’s $36”? Download the free app here.

Click here to get paid to shop on Amazon 

Platform: Android and iOS

9. App That Pays You Cash Back for Gas

If you own a vehicle, then you should download this app that gives you 1% cashback every time you buy gas, and 2% through their special partners. There are also offers to save money on gas station purchases like coffee, energy drinks, etc. Use this link and get a bonus $1.

Click here to get paid cash back for buying gas

Platform: Android and iOS

10. App That Refunds You When The Price Drops

This is another great free app that pays online shoppers. You simply connect the free app to your inbox and if the price of something you bought online drops, the app will work on your behalf to get the retailer to refund you the difference. People who use this app have received a combined millions of dollars! Here’s my full review of this free app.

Platform: Android and iOS

11. App That Pays You To Walk

I’ve been trying to increase the amount of walking outdoors that I do, and this app that pays you to walk outside has been a good motivator.

You simply download the app onto your smartphone and it tracks the amount of steps you take. You earn what’s called “sweatcoins” which you can then exchange for real money. Get the app here.

Click here to get paid to walk outdoors

Platform: Android and iOS

12. App That Pays You to Save Electricity

This app that pays you to save electricity provides an awesome incentive to reduce your electric bill. Not only will you receive cash rewards for doing so, you’ll also get paid. Get the app here and you’ll get a $20 signup bonus!

Platform: Android and iOS

Apps that pay you real money are actually a thing, and these 12 are the top rated for earning potential. Download them now and start making some money from your phone!

Make money from your phone with these 11 top-rated apps that pay you money