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Since I was about 8 years old, I’ve been slightly (ok, majorly) obsessed with planners. The first planner I had was a Lisa Frank tri-fold organizer that had a little diary, an address book, a calculator and a notepad. The colors were so bright that my eyeballs almost bled and the calculator was so tiny that even my 8-year-old fingers were too big for it, but I loved that thing and guarded it with my life.

When I was about 13, I “upgraded” from a Lisa Frank organizer to a “Morning Glory” planner. If you’re not familiar with Morning Glory, it’s a Korean stationery brand that is famous for “Blue Bear.” There were tons of varieties of paper you could add to the planner and a handy plastic zipper pocket that I kept my millions of puffy stickers in.

After I outgrew the Morning Glory planner, I switched to a Lily Pulitzer agenda. Every year my husband would get me one for Christmas, and up until recently, it’s served me well. If I don’t write my appointments down, there’s no way I’m going to remember them. I’ve tried using my iPhone calendar, but it just doesn’t work for me. The Lily Pulitzer agenda was perfect for keeping me on track for years.

I Need a Life Planner, Not Just an Agenda

Recently, though, I’ve wanted something more than the Lily Pulitzer agenda offers. While it’s great for jotting down appointments, notes, etc., I wanted more of an entire life planner. Something where I could keep track of not only my appointments, but my goals, budget, weekly and monthly plans, expenses, etc. I find it super helpful to see everything all laid out in front of me.

I’m a big fan of Ruth Soukup from Living Well, Spending Less. So when I discovered that she had designed a life planner, I was pretty certain that it’d be awesome.

It just so happened that my husband was trying to think of something to get me for our wedding anniversary, so I casually mentioned the Living Well Planner. Lo and behold, guess what I got on our anniversary? Thanks, husband! 🙂

At $55, it’s not exactly cheap (but it’s well within the range of normal for a life planner of this quality.) And honestly, I think it’s well worth the price.

Inside the Living Well Planner

There are sections for goal planning, budgeting, monthly expenses, a monthly overview, a daily planner broken down by the hour, a yearly calendar and a notes & ideas section.

Each month also features a motivating quote, which I love. (Below is January’s quote.)

Inside the Living Well Planner

One of my favorite features is the “Goal Crushing” and “Project Planning” section.

The project planning section can be used for any project you like, from planning a birthday party to running a marathon to publishing an eBook – whatever you want.

I also love how the Goal Crushing section is laid out.

Inside the Living Well Planner


Perhaps one of my favorite features (and definitely one of the most important!) is the monthly budgeting section. There are spaces for almost everything that you can think of. There are also suggestions of how much you should be spending on different expenses (of course, they’re just suggestions. Everyone’s situation is different, but it’s a good starting point.)

Inside the Living Well planner - budget section

Living Well Planner Accessories


To be honest, you don’t really “need” any accessories for the Living Well planner, but I’m kind of a sucker for cute stickers, so I ordered a few sheets. I love to personalize my planner with stickers but the OCD in me likes things to match, so the Living Well stickers were the perfect choice.


Living Well Planner Stickers

The Best Pens

I’ve tried lots of pens with the planner and the best by far are these erasable gel pens. They’ve don’t bleed, they come in a variety of fun colors, and they’re erasable (how cool is that?)

Final Thoughts

There are so many planners on the market that it can become easy to feel overwhelmed. I was like that – I spent hours looking at different websites, trying to figure out which one I should buy. Honestly, I just decided to bite the bullet and go with the Living Well planner, and I love it.

I’m excited to fill it up in 2017!

Do you want to get your life organized in 2017 with the Living Well Planner? Here’s the link to get your own!

How to organize your life in 2017 - a review of the Living Well Planner!

10 Comments on How to Organize Your Whole Life With The Living Well Planner

  1. Wow that is quite the planner! I love being organized but I’m struggling between notebooks, One Note, Google Calendar, and my work’s Outlook calendar. If only I could sync better with my work organizational tools but unfortunately because of security concerns there is no syncing possible.

    • I’ve tried to use Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, etc., but I find that I am much more organized when I write things down on paper. I’m old school I guess haha!

  2. I’m also a planner-lover. I used to carry a purse that had a built-in binder with my planner right in it (The Busy Woman Planner). It was heavy with all that paper, and once I started carrying a smartphone and using my phone’s calendar and notepad, I eventually changed purses. Since I started my online business, I’ve been using OneNote, Google calendar, and Google Docs to organize everything. I use the calendar on my phone and tablet, OneNote on my phone, tablet and computer, and Google Docs on my tablet and computer. All three of my devices will access any of them, but that’s just the way I use them. I also have Ruth’s blog planner and a few other planning page freebies. She is “da bomb” if you ask me! I’m looking forward to a very organized 2017!

    • I love Google Docs, but I just can’t get into the habit of using an electronic planner/calendar. I definitely don’t carry my Living Well Planner around with me when I go out (I actually don’t carry a purse at all, just my wallet.) I use the “notes” feature on my iPhone to jot down anything when I’m out and about, then I transfer it to paper. I feel so much more organized when I physically write things down! (p.s. I agree – Ruth is great!)

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