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This post was sponsored by Supreme Source® as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Our dogs are members of our family (albeit slightly furrier), so it makes sense that they should be eating the same healthy, nutritious food that we do, right? We want them to live long, healthy, happy lives and one of the best things we can do to help ensure that happens is by feeding them a high-quality pet food.

I have a little 5lb Chihuahua named Pepe. I adopted him when he was 10 months old and he’s now about to turn 7. He’s my little shadow and I couldn’t imagine him not being by my side!

Recently, he’s been on vacation at his Mamaw and Papaw’s house (while I was in Australia) and he may or may not have been fed a few too many treats. He was well looked after, definitely!

But whenever I’ve overindulged, I like to complete a detox to help cleanse and restart my system. I place a high degree of importance on the healthy of my mind, body, and soul and so of course, I do the same with Pepe!

I’ve partnered up with Supreme Source® Pet for Pepe’s 10-day detox. Supreme Source Pet Food contains a healthy blend of fruits and veggies, which are natural sources of potassium, fiber, vitamins and minerals. It’s a premium grain-free, superfood diet that’s packed with healthy enzymes and prebiotics to cleanse and rejuvenate!

Supreme Source Pet Food is also grain free (no corn, wheat or soy) and contains no artificial flavors or colors.

Pepe will be participating in the Supreme Source 10-Day Switch, and if you have a dog who you’d like to participate too, I encourage you to join us! Click here to find out more about the Supreme Source 10-Day Switch offered this spring and get a coupon for a FREE bag of Supreme Source dog food!

The Supreme Source 10-Day Switch will walk you through the steps to improve your pet’s health, including how to properly introduce new food into your dog’s diet, and fun tips delivered each day that will not only improve your dog’s health, but also strengthen your relationship with one another. I love this because anyone who has a dog knows that they are truly a part of the family, and deserve to be treated with as much love as we do our human family members!

You can buy Supreme Source Pet Food from Food Lion; Albertsons / Safeway (divisions); Ahold (Stop & Shop, Giant Eagle); Hannaford; DeMoulas & K-Va-T; Smiths; Frys. Make sure you head to to get your free coupon worth $9.99 while supplies last. And don’t forget to sign up for the detox and get daily emails with tips and instructions to a better relationship with your pet.

As part of the 10-Day Detox, we headed to our local Food Lion to pick up a bag of Supreme Source Pet Food. I love that you can buy Supreme Source Pet Food from the grocery store, instead of having to go to a pet store. It means I can pick up Pepe’s food while I’m doing our grocery shopping, without having to make an extra stop. (Moms of a toddler, I’m sure you can see the huge bonus in that, too!) I chose the Turkey Meal and Sweet Potato Dry Dog Food because Pepe has always been a huge sweet potato fan!

As soon as I opened the bag, he ran over and started sniffing around. I’m fairly certain he knew he was in for a treat!

Given that Chihuahua’s are notoriously picky with their food, I was excited to see how he quickly he chowed down on his new food. I think his 10-Day Detox is going to be a hit!

I’ll be providing an update at the end of our 10-Day Detox challenge, so stay tuned for Pepe’s results!

Don’t forget to head on over to Superfood Switch to sign up for the detox challenge and get your free coupon for a bag of Supreme Source Pet food!