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Growing up in Australia, I spent a lot of my childhood in and around the water. My family were always going camping by the beach, and we had a below-ground pool in our backyard that we were in constantly.

Because Australian’s spend so much time in the water, the importance of water safety is ingrained in us. Swimming lessons are a part of the school curriculum and I don’t know a single Australian my age that doesn’t know how to swim. However, it wasn’t always like that in Australia. Tragically, my mother’s cousin drowned many years ago after falling out of his boat while fishing.

It’s for this reason specifically that I have always had a strong appreciation for the importance of learning how to swim.

Now that my son is a toddler and gaining a lot of independence and self-confidence, I want to ensure that he knows how to swim. We have a big pool in the community center where we live, and now that we’ve moved from Tennessee to North Carolina, we’ll be spending a lot more time at the beach this summer (yay!)

Learning to swim can be scary for kids (and for parents!) Many kids seem to go from having absolutely no fear of the water, ready to dive straight in when they can’t actually swim, to being terrified of the water when it’s time to learn how to swim!

That’s why it’s great to have a fun way to safely introduce your kids to the water, that will help alleviate any fear, but keep them safe and happy.

Why I Love Swimways

I’m a big fan of Swimways and their mission. Swimways is an industry leader in helping children learn how to swim and promoting water safety. They’re so serious about the importance of this that they started National Learn to Swim Day in 2012.  National Learn to Swim Day is held on the 3rd Sunday of May, with it falling on May 19th in 2018.

Just recently, we spent the weekend exploring Wilmington, NC and I had the opportunity to try out the Swimways Baby Spring Float Activity Center that I received in the mail. As you can probably tell, I’m a big fan of the water and take water safety very seriously, so when I was offered the opportunity to try out the Swimways Baby Spring Float Activity Center along with bringing awareness to water safety, I was thrilled.


As soon as we arrived at our hotel in Wilmington, the first thing we all wanted to do was get in the pool. It was a hot weekend and we’d been stuck in the car for quite a while, so we all wanted to take arefreshing dip and try out our new Swimways Baby Spring Float Activity Center.

The Swimways Baby Spring Float Activity Center is feature-packed. It’s the number 1 selling baby float in the United States, consistently receiving 4 and 5 star ratings from consumers, and I can see why.

Some of the features include:

  • Large circumference and patented inner spring around the outside edge for added stability.
  • Fabric-covered inflation and a soft mesh seat for durability and comfort.
  • Safety valves and dual air chambers enhance security.
  • Adjustable and removable canopy with 50+ UPF sun protection (I LOVE this feature – sun-safety is something else I’m very careful about!)
  • Mesh play space for toys and splashing.
  • Folds flat into three compact circles for portability and storage. It also includes a carry bag which is super convenient.
  • National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Award Winner
  • Interactive octopus play station with toys the baby can touch and active: Squeaker, rattle, stacking rings, teether and soft touch star

As a bronze medallion holder, I’m quite familiar with how to safely introduce children to the water.

Tips for Introducing Your Child to a Swimming Pool

1. Keep Calm

The first thing you’ll want to do is keep calm. If you’re constantly gasping, yelling or seem stressed and anxious, your child is going to feed off of that and assume that the water is something to be terrified of.

2. You Enter The Water First

You should always enter the water first, then turn around and face your child, holding your arms out for them to enter safely. Try to do this near steps so your child can safely step down holding onto the handrail and into your arms.

3. Use Swim Diapers

This might sound obvious, but I’ve actually seen a lot of people use regular diapers instead of swim diapers. Unfortunately, regular diapers aren’t appropriate for the pool as they get soaking wet and won’t keep things contained like swim diapers do.

4. Use Sun Protection if You’re Outdoors

There’s nothing worse than enjoying a beautiful sunny day in the pool and coming home with a painful, blistering sunburn. I always make sure that my sun wears a sun-protection rash vest, board shorts, sunscreen and a hat (which he doesn’t like to keep on in the pool – typical toddler!)

5. Use a Swimways Float

Swimways are the industry leader in helping children learn how to swim and promoting water safety, and their products consistently receive amazing reviews from parents.

I must admit, I was very curious to see how my little guy would react to the Swimways Baby Spring Float. He’s not really a “get straight in there” type of kid – he can be quite apprehensive about new things and prefers to watch others first before he has a go (although he’s not like that around water – he wants to jump straight in!)

He was a bit unsure about float at first, but once he discovered the blow-up Octopus, he changed his mind. He loved tossing the foam rings into the water and giggling as mommy reached over and put them back on the octopus tentacles.

All-in-all, I really loved the Swimways Baby Spring Float. I think it provides the perfect way to introduce your child to the water in a fun, interactive way.

It’s easy to set up, portable, and it folds down very small. And the addition of a carrying case makes it convenient to take with you to the pool or on vacation.

I hope you’ll join me in celebrating National Learn to Swim Day on May 19th, 2018 and help to spread awareness about the importance of teaching children how to swim!