How to Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

You know those people who go to bed at midnight and then spring out of bed at 5am the next morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed? Yeah… I’m not one of them. I need my sleep! Which is why, when I had a tiny colicky baby who cried all night, I found myself constantly googling how to help your baby sleep through the night! 

Sound familiar?

After I gave birth to my son, I couldn’t wait for him to be old enough to get on some sort of a sleep schedule. (I also worked on getting him on a daytime schedule when he was about 3 months old, which you can read about here.)

If you’re the mom of a new baby, I’m sure you’re feeling exactly the same way. While it’s to be expected that a brand new baby doesn’t sleep through the night (and they shouldn’t. They need to wake to eat!) it’s a different story when you have a six-month-old (or even older) that’s still waking every two hours.

For the first 10 weeks of my son’s life, he had colic and was a terrible sleeper. We tried everything we could think of – swaddle, don’t swaddle. Elevate him, lay him flat. Give him a pacifier, take pacifier away. Rock him, don’t rock him.

We were desperate.

First, consider this (to get your baby to sleep):

If you’re so overwhelmed and feel like you’re desperate to get some sleep, then don’t be afraid to call in the experts.  Seriously, you DON’T need to suffer through months (or even years) of being sleep deprived due to your child not sleeping through the night.

If you’re at your wits end and feel like nothing is working, then check out the Sleep Sense Program by Dana Obleman. It’s been taken by over 57,000 parents and trusted by pediatricians all over the world, and it comes with a full money-back guarantee.

This is the perfect program for you if:

  • Your child wakes up multiple times throughout the night
  • Your lack of sleep due to your child not sleeping it’s starting to take it’s toll on you
  • You have to rock, bounce or take a car drive for your child to nap or fall asleep at night
  • You’re frustrated, exhausted and stressed out
  • Your child needs a pacifier to fall asleep (and if it falls out during the night, YOU have to wake up to put it back in…)

If you want a step-by-step program created by a child sleep professional, customized to your own child (and finally regain some of your sanity) then Dana’s Sleep Sense Program is for you.

But if you decide not to get some help, here are some things that can help your baby sleep through the night:

The Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit.

I had tried so many different swaddle blankets and sleepsacks that I was hesitant to purchase something else. But we were all desperate for sleep, so I decided to give it a go.

I’m just going to come out and say it:

The Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit was AMAZING.


The first night in the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit, my son slept for about 8 hours straight. I actually woke up before he did and immediately freaked out when I realized he was still asleep. I went to a Facebook moms group I was in and frantically asked if I should wake him?! They all “lol’d” and told me “never wake a sleeping baby” 🙂

Now, at 6 months of age, he sleeps 12 hours every single night, and he’s been doing this since he was around 12 weeks of age.

He LOVES his Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit (almost as much as I do) – he starts smiling and cooing away as soon as he’s zipped up. He looks like a little Michelin man in it – so freakin’ adorable.

Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit Features

Besides the fact that I credit the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit for helping turn my baby from a non-sleeper to a sleep champion, here are some of the other great features:

  • Great quality, breathable fabric
  • Incredibly well made
  • Created by a Pediatric Physical Therapist (to help get her own kids to sleep through the night)
  • Scooped neckline which was designed to keep the fabric as far away from babies mouth and face as possible (great safety feature)
  • Open feet for increased air flow and heat dissipation

Fellow sleep-deprived moms (and dads!) – there’s a reason this thing is called a “Magic Sleepsuit.”

It’s super-soft, and your baby will look hilarious in it, but IT.IS.MAGIC.

I’ve recommended this thing to so many sleep-deprived mamas!

You can buy your Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit here.

My son loved the Baby Merlin Sleepsuit, but I know some parents whose children weren’t such a fan.

In that case, there are plenty of other things you can do to help your baby sleep through the night.

White Noise

White noise was recommended to us to help our baby sleep through the night.

While it definitely seems to work for some babies, it didn’t work for my son. I think it actually had the opposite effect – it kept him awake.

I have quite a few mom friends who swear by this white noise machine. Different strokes for different folks I guess – my son hated it but I know other babies love it. It’s worth a try (and if it works for your baby, it’ll be worth it’s weight in gold!)

Don’t Forgo Burping

It might sound obvious, but it’s worth mentioning here – don’t be tempted to forgo burping. It’s a must. My son had terrible gas and the poor thing screamed in pain until he was able to let out a big burp.

I absolutely get it. When you’re exhausted after a middle-of-the-night feed and all you want to do is collapse into bed, you might feel tempted to forgo the 15-minute burping session. Don’t do it. Baby needs to burp and if your little one is having trouble falling back to sleep, it could be as simple as having gas.

Try the “Pause”

The “pause” is a concept I learned in this parenting book (my favorite parenting book!) After learning about the “pause” I promptly decided that I was going to be a “pause mom.” In a nutshell, the pause simply means don’t rush to baby’s side the second he or she makes the tiniest noise or whimper.

Doing this ruins any chance that your baby will self settle, so try pausing a moment or so to see if the whimpering or light crying stops.

Have a Bedtime Routine

Infants thrive on routine. When a baby first enters the world, things are hectic, chaotic and downright scary. They’ve gone from 9 months of dark, quiet, safety to suddenly being thrust into a noisy, big, bright world. Structure and routine helps to make baby feel safe again.

A bedtime routine can be a great way to foster this feeling of safety and calmness that babies desperately need. Your bedtime routine doesn’t have to be complicated, a warm bath, a gentle baby massage, a bedtime story and then an evening feed at the same time every night is a great routine.

Having a Dark Room

This sounds obvious, but I think it’s a key factor in helping your baby sleep through the night. If you live in an area where it’s still light outside when you put your baby down for the night, consider purchasing some blackout blinds. This will help to get baby’s circadian rhythm in check.

Having the Correct Room Temperature

It can be tempting to turn the heat up higher than normal so your baby doesn’t get cold, but babies actually sleep better in a slightly cooler room. The idea temperature is between 65 -72 degrees Fahrenheit. (We kept our thermostat set to 70 degrees which seemed to fit will with our son wearing the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit.)

Don’t Rock Your Baby To Sleep

I hesitate to put this on the list, because who doesn’t want to snuggle and rock their tiny, sweet baby to sleep? I know I wanted to. And I tried rocking my son to sleep every night. It didn’t work.

As it turns out, some baby sleep experts say that it’s not a good idea to rock your baby to sleep. Instead, you should lay your baby down in their crib/bassinet when they’re drowsy, so they get used to putting themselves to sleep.

For us, while I loved the idea of rocking my son to sleep every night, he didn’t. He actually preferred being laid down in his crib, eventually drifting off on his own.

Hopefully these tips will help you get your baby to sleep through the night. I know it’s hard right now, but it won’t last forever. You’ve got this mama <3

How to get your baby to sleep through the night (finally!) #babysleeptips

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