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How to get a presidential greeting for your baby - a letter from the White House is such a neat baby keepsake!

Did you know that you can get a letter from the President welcoming your baby into the world? Isn’t that so cool!

I remember in the last few months of my pregnancy I had a checklist of all the most important things I needed to get done before and immediately after baby arrived – properly install his car seat, buy a non-toxic crib mattress (we ended up buying this one), get my husband to take home something with baby’s scent on it so our dog would be introduced to him before we brought him home, order a presidential greeting…

Ok, so “Order a Presidential greeting” wasn’t actually on my list of super-important things to do, but as soon as I found out that you could get a letter from the President welcoming your baby to the world, I thought it was such a neat idea and I made it a point to remember after he was born.

Regardless of your political affiliation, I think a letter from the President marking your baby’s arrival into the world is a great keepsake, and definitely something to put in the memory box.

It’s really easy to order a Presidential greeting – just go to “White House Greetings Request“,  and fill out the online form.

Just a few weeks after requesting our greeting it arrived in the mail, and it was actually the first letter my son received that was addressed to him. I think it’s pretty neat that his first piece of mail was from President Obama 🙂

Weird confession time – another thing that’s in my son’s special keepsake box is his umbilical cord stump! Did you keep your baby’s cord stump? Or am I just weird? Ok, maybe don’t answer that, haha!