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Black Friday Tips - Be sure you're prepared for the Black Friday sales by reading through these tips for making the most of Black Friday Shopping!

5 Things to Remember Before You Hit the Black Friday Sales

Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving? I can’t!  For a lot of people, after enjoying a relaxing Thanksgiving dinner with family the next order of business is hitting the Black Friday sales. There’s no doubt that some good deals can be found on Black Friday, but unfortunately, there can be a tendency to go overboard, […] Read more…

Can Money Really Buy Happiness?

Can Money Really Buy Happiness?

Can money really buy happiness? We’ve all heard the saying “money can’t buy happiness.” I’ve been thinking about this, and while I understand the sentiment behind the statement, I don’t think it’s necessarily true. I’ve never been filthy rich, but I’ve also never lived in poverty. I’ve never had to worry about how I’m going […] Read more…

6 Money Truths Worth Remembering

  Warren Buffet has two money rules: Number 1) “Don’t lose money.” Number 2) “Never forget rule number 1.” Sounds simple, right? Considering Warren Buffet is arguably the greatest stock investor in the world, I’d say that his money rules are probably worth following. I’m certainly no Warren Buffet, but after reading his two money rules, it made […] Read more…

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