Best Toys for 3-Year-Old Boys – 2018 Gift Guide

If you’re lucky enough to have a 3-year-old little man in your life that you want to spoil, then I’m sure you want to know what the best toys for 3 year old boys are! My sister and I both have little boys, and we were just laughing the other day and the fact that when you’re 3-years-old, life is all about playing and snacking (don’t you wish you could go back to be 3-years-old again for a day?)

I’ve done the research for you, and I’ve compiled this list of the best toys for 3-year-old boys. There’s something for everyone here, so make sure you read the full list! Have fun shopping for your special little man!

Best Toys for 3 Year Old Boys – 2018 Gift Guide

Imaginext Jurassic World T-Rex

Times in your life when you’re most knowledgeable about dinosaurs:

  • When you’re 3 years old
  • When you’re the parent of a 3-year-old
  • When you have a degree in paleontology

I have yet to meet a 3-year-old that isn’t obsessed with dinosaurs, and with the release of Jurassic World, there are tons of excellent dinosaur toys available. This Imaginext Jurassic World T-Rex is a must-have toy for 3-year-old boys who are obsessed with all things dinosaur!

The set includes Jurassic Rex, a holding base, projectile launcher, 2 projectiles, a vehicle and an Owen figure. When the powerpad on the Jurassic Rex’s head is turned on, her eyes glow red or green.


Fisher Price Think & Learn Rocktopus

My son saw this Fisher Price Think & Learn Rocktopus at a friends house and since then he hasn’t stopped talking about “Rockapus” and saying “Maybe Santa bring for me!” It looks like a “Rockapus” is on order this Christmas!

The Fisher-Price Think & Learn Rocktopus is a great way to foster a love of music and creativity in young children. It features 15 musical instruments, 5 musical styles and 3 ways to play. There’s also a free app available that allows you to create music videos.

fisher price rocktapus


Paw Patrol Lookout Tower

Raise your hand if you secretly love Paw Patrol almost as much as your 3-year-old does… If so, then this Paw Patrol lookout tower will provide hours of fun for both kids and parents alike.

The Paw Patrol lookout tower is over 2 1/2 feet tall, features interactive lights and sounds, and each characters signature phrase is played at the press of a button.

The set includes 1 Chase figure and vehicle and 1 Marshall figure and vehicle, with the other characters sold separately.

Paw Patrol Tower Set


Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage

The Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage was a 2018 Toy of the Year Award Winner and a guaranteed hit for any car-obsessed 3-year-old boy.

At over 3 feet tall it’s the biggest Hot Wheels playset ever, has storage space for 140 cars, and features a motorized elevator that can transport 23 cars at a time. The set includes 4 hot wheels cars and a huge airplane.

Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage


Play-Doh Poop Troop

What 3-year-old doesn’t find poop hilarious? I’m not gonna lie, even I had a giggle when I first discovered this Play-Doh Poop Troop set.

Play-doh is a kids classic, and I’ve been loving all the fun, new sets they’ve been coming out with recently. This Play-Doh Poop Troop set includes 12 cans of Play-Doh, poop molds and plug-in eyes, arms, mouths and a hat. Hours of fun and laughter is pretty much guaranteed with this set!

Play Doh Poop Troop Set


Step 2 Deluxe Art Master Kids Desk

This Step 2 Deluxe Art Master Kids Desk is the ultimate desk setup for any budding artist.

It features a large work-surface, a hinged dry-erase board, four large storage bins, multiple storage compartments, push-button light, secret storage compartment and one chair.


Magna-Tiles 100 Piece Set

Another great STEM toy that has stood the test of time is this 100 piece Magna-Tiles set. Magna-tiles have been awarded for educational excellence and help to develop math, science, spatial and tactile skills in toddlers.


101 Piece Construction Engineering Blocks

STEM toys are always a great gift to give any kid, and one of the top gifts for 3 year old boys. This construction kit comes with 101 pieces that will help to foster creativity, improve hand-eye coordination, and enhance creativity.

Kids are only limited by their imagination on what they can build – anything from a robot to a car to helicopter is possible, thanks to the multiple different shapes and connecting pieces included in the the set.


My First Foam Pogo Stick

The classic pogo stick is a must-have toy for any kid – it’s stood the test of time and I’ll admit it – I still find pogo sticks fun, even at 34-years-old!

This foam pogo stick has been reimagined, making it safer for young kids to use. Having said that, it comes with a 250lb weight limit meaning that parents can also join in the fun.

My first foam pogo stick is made with a soft, durable foam base meaning it can be safely used indoors without scratching wooden floors. It also features a built-in squeaker that makes funny sounds!


Kinetic Sand

If you have a 3-year-old who loves playing in the beach sand, now they can regardless of how close they live to the beach with this Kinetic sand, which is now made with beach sand.

Kinetic sand is a “magic” sand made from a combination of beach sand and polymers. It flows through your hands like liquid, but it doesn’t stick to anything but itself. This means no-messy hands, clothes, etc.!

Kinetic sand is non-toxic, soft, easy-to-sculpt and never dries out, meaning it can be used over and over again.

kinetic sand


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