Best Night Lights for Toddlers [A Complete Guide]

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As a mom, my toddler’s fear of the dark is one of the quirks of toddlerhood that I was crossing my fingers he would somehow skip over. It breaks my heart to see my little one crying at bedtime because he’s afraid of what’s “hiding in the dark.” And nighttime potty trips are positively blinding when an overhead light gets switched on in the middle of the night. 

If you’re going through the same thing with your little one, then you’ve probably considered getting a toddler night light.

Toddler night lights come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes and playful designs. Additionally, most toddler night lights have a number of safety and kid-friendly features, making it difficult to decide which night light you should choose.

With that said, in this guide I’ve rounded up the best toddler night lights available on the market today to help make your purchasing choice easy.

Best Toddler Night Lights [A Definitive Guide]

#1 Recommendation – Bubzi Co Soothing Sleep Owl

If your toddler loves soft toys to cuddle, then a Bubzi Co Soothing Sleep Owl is the nighttime light you need. It’s a 8.6 x 7 x 3.5 owl-like lamp that looks like a real stuffed animal but with mommy-friendly features.

The light, for instance, automatically turns off after 30 minutes and works if you squeeze the toy only. It also features a star projection mode which is sure to make even the most fearful toddler relax.  Additionally, it’s very light and weighs 12 oz only which makes it safe for kids under the age of 4. 

What I love most about it is that the lamp comes with a built-in speaker and plays ten lullabies that will help your toddler fall asleep peacefully (the volume is adjustable, too.) The only downside on this part is that it plays more than 30 minutes.

When it comes to cleaning time, the Bubzi Co Soothing Sleep Owl is not much of a burden. The light and the toy are detachable and can be removed whenever you want to wash the toy. It also includes a strap which allows you to safely attached it to a crib or stroller. 


The lights turn off after 30 minutes

Looks like a stuffed animal

Has built-in speaker with 10 bedtime lullabies

Easy to clean


The lights don’t automatically turn on if you come to check in the middle of the night

Music goes on for more than 30 minutes

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VAVA VA-CL006 Nursing Night Light

Do you need an energy efficient lamp? Then the VAVA VA-CL006 Nursing Night Light is the best toddler night light for you. It is a rechargeable lamp with stable charging base and with a single charge only, it can last up to 6 to 200 hours depending on the length of usage. It is also made of durable materials such as PP and ABS toy-grade medium. And when it comes to light, it is warm with a gentle glow. More importantly, it does not flicker.

Moreover, it comes with a silicone handle which is very handy if you like camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities with your kids. In addition, it’s also waterproof so no need to worry if your toddler spills their drink! And last but not least, it has an SOS mode, which is very useful during emergencies.


Can used indoor and outdoor

Made of high-quality and durable materials


Energy-saving and has a stable charging base


The light is not bright (could also be a pro!)

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MOKOQI Rotating Projector & Baby Night Light

If your kid loves colored lights and a playful nighttime scene, you should try this one out. MOKOQI Rotating Projector & Baby Night Light is a battery and USB cable powered lamp. It is an egg-shaped projector that can be rotated and works between 5 to 995 minutes depending on the length of use.

When it comes to light, the lamp casts starry patterns in multiple colors (which are adjustable.) It has a removable outer cover with a combination of moon and star patterns. 


Straightforward to use

Multiple use with an array of shades and pattern combinations

Has an ON/OFF button


Lamp needs to be placed in the center of the room to project correctly

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Hatch Baby’s Rest Sound Machine

If you are the type of mom who loves high-tech (and convenience), the Hatch Baby’s Rest Sound Machine is the ultimate bedtime lamp. It is a 6.3 x 4 advanced, smartphone-controlled, and customizable night light. And from setting up the light to changing the sound program, all can be done in a breeze through an Android or iOS smartphone.

The light is customizable and includes multiple color options as well as a light brightness adjuster. It also lets you change the music and the level of volume using a phone. If you’d prefer not to operate the night light from your smartphone, the lamp also has built-in buttons.

The Bluetooth connection is reliable. However, some parents wish it has Wi-Fi connection also to expand its control range. Regardless, it is a great toddler night light that includes a 30-day warranty. 


Has a brightness level adjuster

Comes with a 30-day guarantee

Smartphone controlled (especially for complex programs)


Lowest volume isn’t that quiet

Does not have Wi-Fi

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Hontry Night Light

Does your child love the night sky? Then check out the Hontry Night Light.  It is a 6.7 x 5.3 inches projection and rotating lamp that comes with a removable outer projector with starry patterns and rotates while being projected on to the ceiling. The light comes in multiple color options such as red, green, pink and purple. 

The Hontry Night Light also has a convenient ON/OFF timer feature, which eliminates having to sneak into your toddlers room to turn off the light without waking them. Just set it up according to your desired time, and voila, it will shut down on its own. Take note that the timer is adjustable up to 16.5 hours. 


Outer cover is removable

Rotating projecting light with starry pattern

Includes four color options


Doesn’t play music

Brightness level is fixed

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NeoJoy Cat Lamp

Is your little one a fan of felines? If yes, you should check out the NeoJoy Cat Lamp. It is a cat-shaped nighttime lamp that offers a variety of light features. The brightness level is adjustable and you can choose from the four dynamic modes installed in the system such as the fade mode and the breathing mode as well.

What I like about this option is that a lot of moms testified that it helps their child to fall in a night of rhythmic sleep. It cast off a gentle light and has adjustable color options of up to 16 shades.

The NeoJoy Cat Lamp is powered by rechargeable batteries that last up to 15 hours. However, take note that it automatically shuts down after three hours. The body of the lamp is made of silicone, which makes this toddler light safe and easy to clean. 


Easy to clean

Includes rechargeable battery

Has 16 color options

Multiple brightness setting


Automatically turns off after 3 hours even without a timer feature

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There are hundreds of bedtime lamps available online today. Some are advanced, and some include basic features only. And due to overwhelming options, I too am having a tough time choosing which is the best toddler night light. That’s why as a mom, I tried to round up all the best lamp I could find on the internet and give you all a review. I hope it helped you all choose what suits you and your kid’s needs.

What’s your favorite night light in the list? Share your thoughts now!

Best Night Lights for Toddlers. Toddler afraid of the dark? A night light is the best solution. But not just any toddler night light - you want one that is safe and has features light automatic shut off, light dimmers, etc. These night lights top the list of the best night lights for toddlers.

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