6 Stylish Sneakers for Moms On-The-Go

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Fun fact about me – besides my wedding shoes (which I wore for about 1 hour on the day I got married), I don’t own any high heel shoes. Yes, I know. They make your legs look longer, make your calves look more defined, etc, etc. But I haaaate wearing uncomfortable shoes and I love being active, so flat shoes are my mojo.

But “comfortable” doesn’t have to equal dorky. While I love being comfortable, I also love fashion. If we had the space, I’d probably own 100 pairs of stylish sneakers (and one day I will! 😀 )

While I don’t quite have 100 pairs of sneakers, I do have at least six that I wear regularly. These six stylish sneakers all pass the “stylish mom sneaker test” = they’re comfortable and they look good!

Here are my favorite stylish sneakers for moms-on-the-go!

6 Stylish Sneakers for Moms

Gold Jaida Sneakers by Guess

I have these sneakers and I wear them ALL.THE.TIME. Not only are they super cute and stylish, they’re also really comfortable. And they’re not a bright, tacky gold color, either. They’re kind of a subtle gold (if that makes sense!)

Puma X Fenty Bow Sneakers

These Puma Bow sneakers come in a few different colors, but I absolutely love this dusky pink color. They’re very easy to slip on and off (perfect for when you have little ones and don’t even have time to tie your laces!) and they bow makes them look dressier than regular sneakers.


Classic Chuck Taylors

You can’t go past the classic Chuck Taylor when it comes to stylish sneakers. I have two pairs, in black and grey, and I wear them regularly. The low tops look cute with a pair of denim cut-offs and I like wearing the high tops with skinny leg jeans.

Toms Del Rey

Toms have a great mission, but they also make some cute shoes. These Del Reys come in a ton of different colors, patterns, and materials so there’s bound to be one you love. They’re also very lightweight and comfortable.

Toms Del Rey

Adidas Tubular Shadow Sneakers

These adidas sneakers are cute, comfortable and come in a few different colors (I love the pink ones.) Because these are more of a traditional sneaker, they’re perfect for working out and staying stylish. They tend to run pretty large (I’m usually a six but needed a five in these) so bear that in mind when you order.

PUMA Vikky Sneaker

Any sneaker that comes in Tiffany Blue is a winner in my book. (They also come in pink and grey, but can you really go past this gorgeous Tiffany blue?!) These are also incredibly comfortable (because honestly, what’s the point of wearing sneakers if they’re not even comfortable, right?)

When you’re a busy mom chasing around toddlers, doing school runs, etc., comfort is paramount. But let’s face it, we want to look good too, right? These sneakers will allow you to achieve that holy grail of comfort and style 🙂

Which of these sneakers are your favorite?

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